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Forms not opening from search

Paul Alexander

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We're having a problem where the links in the search results on the self service page don't work. 

For instance if I do a search for a 'shared mailbox' from the front screen of the portal, I do get a list of options to choose from. If I then select one of the 'forms' the screen just goes to a spinning Hornbill icon.

If, however, I go the long way and select the service first, and then press the option to open a form, the correct form opens. 

This seems to be happening on all Services and all forms so I'm guessing it's something to do with the linking from the search page.

Could someone take a look please?



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Hi @Mohamed

So, for instance, I go to the Portal and type in 'email' in the search field:



This brings up a list of available options. I then choose one from the 'forms' list:



But this doesn't load the page, I get this instead:






However, if  I select the Email service:



Then choose the same offering, it opens:







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