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Request: Send Email - Popup Editor button


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When sending an email from within a request, it would be handy to keep what we have currently... as it is, but with the addition of a button that allows you to open the Popup Editor. The very same one that appears when you press ALT+ i.

The only problem with pressing ALT + i to compose an email against a ticket is that it doesn''t populate the To / Cc fields automatically as well as the subject.

Anyway if this were to be implemented it would need to do the following

  1. Toggleable functionality (not all customers will find a use for it)
  2. Email formatting (like above)
  3. Copy Template button when clicking from current functionality to Popup Editor. This will pre-populate the editor with the entire template that would have been used should the user send an email from within the ticket.
  4. If anything is inserted into the current functionality, and the user decides continue editting in the Popup Editor, then everything must be copied over.
  5. If an email from the Popup Editor is sent, the request timeline must be updated accordingly.
  6. If the user edits within the Popup Editor then decides to go back to the standard editor, then the formatting must remain if there is a matching wiki-markup for it. (probably overkill)
  7. Allow the possiblity of choosing a template or using the default one set against the service/catalog.
  8. Retain snippets
  9. Allow insert of Attachments from the Request itself, from any Linked Requests or allow the user to upload from a location.



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Hi Samuel,

Thanks for your post.  We are looking at updating the Email Action on a request to use this editor.  It is a fairly significant change so your idea of introducing it with a toggle might be a way forward.  This change is still in our backlog, but I'll let you know as it progresses.



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