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Project Manager App Released to BETA

Steven Boardman

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We are excited to release the Hornbill Project Manager App after considerable feedback from our customers suggested that this would greatly benefit them and their teams to better plan and manage the multiple projects you get involved in delivering day to day.

Project Manager has been published as a BETA App as we are looking to solicit feedback from you on what features and functionality you might feel are required to take this to the next stage in its evolution, you can now install the Project Manager App from your App Store. 

Planned Features

As well as the features delivered in the initial BETA release, we have the following enhancements planned:

  • Project Boards
  • Plugin to Timesheet Manager
  • Expanding on Service Manager Plugin
  • Expanding on Project Types / Templates
  • Resource Budgeting
  • Project Dependancies (Completion Dates / Milestones / Tasks)

If you have any feedback or requests for additional features please post them as new topics here:


  • During the BETA period, you are able to install and make use of the Hornbill Project Manager App for FREE however once the Hornbill Project Manager App is taken out of BETA and made available for subscription it will become a chargeable option.
  • Pricing for the App will be based on the number of Named Subscribers and our planned subscription charge will be £10 Per User Per Month.
  • Notice will be provided in advance of this switch, and you will have the option then to subscribe if you wish to continue to use the Hornbill Project Manager App.


Please visit the Hornbill wiki to learn more about the Project Manager features and to view an overview video.


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Hornbill are delighted to announce that Project Manager has now come out of BETA status.

Project Manager is now available in the app store to install on a chargeable subscription only basis. 

* For any existing customers who installed Project Manager whilst in BETA status, we have automatically added a trial subscription to your instances, extending access to Project Manager until March 1st 2018.    

* As with all other Hornbill Apps, subscription enforcement applies and a valid subscription is required to continue to access the app after March 1st 2018 for those participating in our BETA Testing, or immediately for anyone wishing to install the app after 5th February 2018.

* You can request a trial subscription of Project Manager through the customer success team at Hornbill, should you wish to review the benefits of Project Manager for yourselves.

Hornbill will continue to evolve the features and functions of Project Manager inline with our continuous deployment approach and we still welcome all feedback on existing capabilities and ideas for new features.



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