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(Service Portal) Frame scrolling within the request list


My idea  

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User's are not liking the fact that there are two scrollbars in the Request Lists on the Self Service Portal.

They are requesting if it's possble to use the Browser's scrollbar to scroll down the request list, rather than use the scrollbar within the page. Obviously it isn't possible as of current, so I was wondering if we can request this feature, which could be a toggleable setting which if enabled would auto expand the height of the request list and prevent the scrollbars from showing.



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17 hours ago, James Ainsworth said:

Hi @samwoo

I will see what we can do with this.  Unlike a support person that may have hundreds of requests in their list, maybe for a customer some simple paging at the bottom of the list would help.  I have to agree that the double scroll bar is not great.



Cheers James for looking into this.

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