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Date fields showing a time instead?!

Paul Alexander

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One of our prog captures being used on our Portal is showing some strange behaviour.

One of the questions is 'what datewill someone start and finish', which is obviously set to a date field.

On MY portal it shows correctly, but one other peoples' portals, this shows as something else......

I've asked users to try Chrome and Internet Explorer, and it's the same on both...so what have I done wrong!?





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@Paul Alexander ... do you import the basic users from somewhere? How are the users created (e.g. the ones you mentioned to me for example)

The issue occurs because the users have an invalid date format set against their profile. If you look at the user profile in admin tool you will see the data format field empty. But this is not actually empty, it displays as empty because it contains a value not recognised by Hornbill. You can see this if you look at the user record in the database: that date format is dd:mm:yyyy.

Quick fix, ask the affected users to change their date format in their profile (or change it yourself in admin tool) and, if you import the users from somewhere else (like AD), make sure you populate a valid date format for the imported users (by valid format I mean a format accepted by Hornbill).

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