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Priority on Known error

Guest Sonali

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Guest Sonali


Please can you help me. I want to add a priority to a known error but I can see how to do this. The button/option seems to be missing. See attached



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Hi @Sonali

Thanks for your post. When we first implemented Known Errors in Service Manager I was originally following the concepts of Known Error Database (KEDB) which provides information about known technical issues and their solutions to help with faster resolution to incidents. Known Errors are very similar to Knowledge articles and it is not always clear where the difference is.  Not having a priority on the KEs follows the same idea as FAQs and Knowledge Articles where they are information used to help resolve incidents and don't have the concept of prioritization and escalations.  Having raised a KE, it would normally suggest that the root cause to an issue is known and a solution is available which can be applied to help resolve incidents.  

I would also say that we want to be as flexible as possible as everyone has a preferred approach to how the different request types are managed.  I would be interested to know more about how you would like to use Known Errors and the type of information that you want to hold as part of the KE.  We can look to include the escalations as one of the available action types, but it would be helpful for us to understand more about how our customers use Known Errors.




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Guest David Calder

Hi @James Ainsworth

Once the root cause of a Problem has been found we create a Known Error. In Supportworks we convert the Problem to a Known Error, although one of the things that attracted me to Service Manager is the ability to create one or more separate Known Error tickets - the Problem can stay open for tracking other service improvement activities. The Known Error is therefore a record of a required software fix or infrastructure change that will be applied at a later time as part of a software release or maintenance batch. We prioritise our KEs and give them an SLA to get them fixed.

As an aside, I notice on a KE request there's an option to Publish a workaround, but no Workaround Action button.

Hope this helps,


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Guest Mohamed

Hi @David Calder

Just to answer your side query, with regards to the KEs the workaround feature is available in the KEs request details section as shown below


Hope that helps



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