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@cchalmers did you run the Hornbill Cleaner tool some time ago (I mean not recently in the past couple of months)? I suspect the feedback record for this request was/is an orphaned record from a previous cleaner tool version... If this is the case (cleaner tool was run a awhile back) then I can have a look and identify these orphaned records and fix them

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@cchalmers after further investigation, it turns out that is not what I assumed initially (the orphaned records)... this should teach me once more not to make assumptions as I make an a** out of myself :(

What actually happened is that the user clicked on "It's Working" button, on a resolved request. When a user does this, the close request procedure initiates and part of this is to create a feedback timer (feedback timers are created for closed requests or when a request is being closed). Due to a defect, the close request procedure fails somewhere throughout (it fails silently, there is no error feedback displayed in the UI). Because it fails, the buttons are still displayed on the screen giving the false impression to the user that the button wasn't clicked or the click was not performed. So, the user clicks again...this is where the error you reported pops up... because before the close request process reaches the silent failing point it sets the feedback timer... which was already set when the close request was initiated first time... hope this makes sense :)

The defect I mentioned above has been fixed and the fix is included in the next Service Manager update.

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