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System Auto-Responder showing up instead Customer


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I'm not sure if this has been touched on before, but the emails coming via the Email Routing are showing up as "System Auto-Responder" as the customer.

Is this by design? Is it possible to have it so the customer who actually sent the email is shown on the timeline, rather than "System Autoresponder"?

I was wondering if there could be a check box in the Routing Rules that allow us to choose whether or not any email's picked up via this rule should show as the customer who sent the email in the timeline (if the sender email address matches anyone not archived in Hornbill).

There could be other options in there, such as the VIsibiltity of emails coming in via this rule (and possibly other options)



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@samwoo This issue regarding the FromAddress on a System AutoResponder update has been raised before and Development are looking into it. The requirement is to add the customer details in the update. As for whether there could be a checkbox in the Routing Rules, I will feed this back to Development but I am not sure yet how they will implement this. 



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