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Lack of location detail in an incident ticket

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Hi,  when a new incident is raised is there any way of getting the site location information to appear in the ticket details.  the current setup (unless i'm missing something obvious) only shows the name of the site, not its address or any other details that are stored against the site: for example:



If I click on the customers name I get a little extra info but still not postcode or full address etc.  That data is held against the site that this person is attached to. 


Am I missing something here?  I would have thought a postal address was vital for field support activities?








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Guest Ehsan

Hi @JBasey,

The details that are presented under the "Customer" section of a request is currently not configurable. You can however configure the fields that are presented while searching for a Customer through the Progressive Capture form when raising a request. I understand why such information would be useful when viewing a request. I will discuss this with the team here at Hornbill and get back to you.



Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 15.56.30.png

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