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Email stuck in inbox

Rohit Govind

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I am unable to delete an email which seems to be stuck in the Inbox.

I've tried Delete/Empty folder, Raise new/Move none of which have worked?

All new incoming emails are not affected so I’m pretty sure it not a permissions issue?

Any idea how to remove this email out of the inbox?



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Hi Daniel,

I am using the new view but I've tried using the old view to no avail. Nothing special about the email, is an automated backup report we receive on a regular basis and subsequent emails of the same type have deleted without any issues.

So when I try to delete, I get the green notification banner at the bottom indicating email has been deleted, to undo click here. However, the email does not get moved into the deleted items and after a while I get "Operation timed out after 10004 milliseconds with 0 out of -1 bytes received" error message and the "Oops you don't have access to the email" error screen with a red notification banner displaying "Unable to delete message, could not connect to server, Error Code: -1"

Also, I've check my permissions and I have access to the mailbox and admin role permissions.

I hope this helps.





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Hi @Rohit Govind,

After some investigation on that specific email, it looks like it is too big (more than 50 MB) for the server to process it and it fails.

Because of this, we will start punting limitations on the message size to prevent issues like these in the future.

We can delete the message if is alright with you. Please let us know.

Thank you,


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