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Permissions to Edit Visibility


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Permissions to Edit Visibility once comment made on an Email Update

Although we currently have an open forum thread for editing workspace comments {8402-workspace-ports-editing}, there is an issue where once an email update has been applied to a Request and then someone has commented on it or Liked it, we cannot change the Visibility from Customer to Team.

The situation is that we have updated a Request from an internal email, It's been marked visibility as Customer (which is our standard default) and although at this stage we can change visibility to Team, if this update then has a subsequent comment against it, you can’t change the visibility from Customer to Team. 

The reason for this change request is that the internal email contains sensitive information which we do not want the customer to see.  However, as the update has a comment made against it, we get an error message (see below) when we want to change the Visibility and therefore puts the Company in a risky position. 


Unable to Edit visibility.PNG

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Happy to say that we'll be looking at this in the near future so that you'll be able to edit the visibility of a post even if it's been liked or a comment has been posted to it :)

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Hi @sprasad

A recent update to Hornbill has provided some further ability to change the visibility of a post in a Request Timeline after it has been liked or commented on.  I believe that there may be one restriction and this is that you must be the person that made the original post in order to change the visibility.

I hope this helps.



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