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  1. think i got it, that process were having requires one free (floating) license if they are all assigned then the error appears.
  2. Hello, We have a couple of users setup as approvers, they have collaboration role on their profile. When they receive email to approve/ reject they get a message about the licensing. "you are allocated rights to the com.hornbill.servicemanger application, but your org subscription level for this application has been reached" Does this setup require a Free license in the pool to be uses for "temp" access to approve tasks ? how does that work exactly regards, martijn
  3. Hi @Ehsan ah, it works now, i failed to look a those fields correctly Thanks Martijn
  4. Hi @Ehsan yes, i use both the ServiceID and the BPM Name variables. <methodCall service="apps/com.hornbill.servicemanager/ServiceRequests" method="logServiceRequest"> <params> <summary>Audit -> Test</summary> <description>Test</description> <requestType>Service Request</requestType> <customerId>m1</customerId> <customerType>0</customerType> <ownerId>md1</ownerId> <teamId>SE/DEP_IS/TM_IS_HFD/</teamId> <status>status.new</status> <priorityId>16</priorityId> <categoryId>229</categoryId> <categoryName>Scheduled Request</categoryName> <sourceType>Post</sourceType> <sourceId>Admin</sourceId> <!--<Impact></Impact>--> <!--<Urgency></Urgency>--> <serviceID>7</serviceID> <!--<Questions></Questions>--> <!--<ResolutionDetails></ResolutionDetails>--> <siteId>1</siteId> <siteName>Office</siteName> <CatalogID>83</CatalogID>--> <CatalogName>Audit</CatalogName> <bpmName>se-service-request-process</bpmName> </params> </methodCall>
  5. Hi @Anthony Albon Does the error display a canvas id something like "decision-c771de13" if you then go in to your BPM and click on a decision block there his an option to show the canvas id(top right corner within the block options). form there you can match it with the one from the error by clicking on the other decision blocks.
  6. @Ehsan Also tried on the Demo instance, same result there.
  7. mine is Id 7, if i put that in the No Service warning remains, it also does not pickup the BPM when posting it with the BPMName Tage in the xml. Thanks Marijn
  8. Hi @Ehsan Im trying to utilize the LogServiceRequest api call. But im struggeling with the serviceID. to spawn the BPM process with it. no matter what i put in there results in "no service " warning. "summary": "Audit -> Test", "warnings": "{\"noService\":\"The Request has no service so no valid business process available\"}" Even with or without the actual <bpmName>se-service-request-process</bpmName> Where can in find the correct id to use ? Thanks Martijn
  9. Hi, When Raising a request via email its added as a timeline update rather than a attachement. With the timeline update it will be unaccesable when the email gets deleted, and its not that visable because "Request logged via Email" does not show that there is a email underneath that. is there a way to get the email always attached to the request as attachment when raised from an email. Instead of it being an timeline update. cheers. martijn
  10. same here. +1 would like email to be handles as attachements, rahter than timeline update. basically how support-works used to do it
  11. hi @Ehsan This was after we ran updates on hornbill, does that run an export / import type action for the catagory list ? otherwise it should not produce an error, the number i used in the xml was there already for like 6 months or longer. Regards, Martijn
  12. Hi @ehsan hmm, i could not get that from the error log. found a discrepensy the Id was not matching anymore, it works again
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