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  1. Martijn

    BPM Error

    from what i can tell in the error it does -assing to team -sent email.(no spaces behind the email template name) Another thing for troubleshooting is get the BPM-ID for the problematic request (i tent to use chrome / F12 / search bpm-id in the Elements Tab .. to get the number) You need to enable experimental.feature.bpm.allowinstanceediting from the BPM window (bpm list) there is a toolbox like icon top right corner where you can put the bpm number in then hit the edit process button, to see where it hangs
  2. Hi Community, Is there a way to get the onhold reason text to be displayed in an email. i have setup the bpm to send out email when the status is set to OnHold which works fine. The only thing is i can't find the OnHold.Reason.txt as a variable to be added in email template. Regards, Martijn
  3. i currently have that issue were an analist logged a request to a catalog item not published to the service portal, where the customer is not able to see the request under "all my request" any idea? My thinking was that no matter what the customer would always see request logged againt that customer, but that does not seem to be the case.\ (sorry for hijacking this topic)
  4. With the parallel processing if only one from eighter team approves the change it hits 100%, so your correct the question would be who to handle the outcome. I think the best approach is to create one team for the approvers, but hat responds differently than i would think it does. When i create the request it's assignd to Team A (via Process Cap), the authorization kickes in after the change date has been set. So in BP i re-assign the request to the Infra Team and the authorisation thereafter. looking at the tasks, thoose are assigned to Team A rather that the infra Team, i don't understand that bit.
  5. That's a difficult one to answer, we currently have this. Team a - 3 members Team b - 6 members Team c - 8 members Team d - 2 members
  6. Hi @James Ainsworth sure, we have a rule set, that when there is a multi site change at least one member of each team should review / authorise the change. so i want to create a task for every sites-team for authorization, so they can deside among themselfs who check's / authorises the change.
  7. Hello, I’m in the midst of a business process creation for a multi-site change. The thing I’m after is how can i get at least one member of each site(5sites) to be set as an approver for a change. Without having to set them individually(bit convoluted for 5 sites), did look at did he variable &[global["flowcode"]["assignedTeamId"]] that works kind of.. It misses the weight as well as the authorization type. any idea / guidense on how to achief this?
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