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  1. Anyone got a idea? Wanted to disable normal login asap and only use oauth2.
  2. Hi, Need some guidance on setup the shared mailbox with modern auth. i have setup a KeySafe password with the username that currently connects to that mailbox. Sharedmailbox: isteam-nl@domain.com Sharedmailbox Account: GenITSM-Email I'm able to setup the shared mailbox and send email out but not receive any email. Looking at the ESPMailIMported log. ImapCmdResp: aaac BAD User is authenticated but not connected. how can i fix this? /martijn
  3. So i should only link them together and im done ?
  4. Hi all, Since a couple of weeks we hit some issues with our chance proces. We have 2 days to get approval after two days its delegated to a group of three to authorise. i First get the authorisers by Role, then a node to create a task to autorize. Somehow the Auto Assign gets filpped back to user instead of the variable form the previous node. To fix it i have to go in the running BPM and select a name in unther "autorization Owner " in oder to get the process to continue. The selected user is not in the Approvers list (or role selected by previous node ) but the task are assiged to the right people. Did we hit a bug here ? Did we do something wrong? it has worked like this at least a year, but we recently only change the days for the expirey.
  5. We have that also, SSO should work without us haveing to click on the button.
  6. HI, i wanted to combine some fields into h_description. found the concatting option. but instead of a sepperator i would like to add a Line feed would that be possible somehow?
  7. i noticed the same with catelogs with 5+ supporting teams in it.
  8. HI Keith, thank you!, can you elaborate on the issue ?
  9. Forgot to mention those two users have been able to to use SSO for the past 6 months it stopped working 2nd of Sept. Its not related to this, no unicode Chars in the account names (only in display name, but i don;t thinkt that matters)
  10. Hi All, Got two users whom are unabe to access hornbill servicemanger using SSO (out of the 30odd users ) They get this message, "The signed object's hash did not match that in the signature" Looking at our Azure Logging its marking the Login as successfull. Looking at the account in Hornbill nothing was changes and compared to AD it matches. So what things can i do / look at to get this fixed? There is not log file in hornbill i can look at or refresh the hash somehow.
  11. is there a way to enable Oauth for sharedmailboxes in hornbill if we disable basic auth ourselfs in ExO ?
  12. Hi Any, 1- Yes you can, we have them hosted on our site, in the email template editor insert an image, enter the url where your image is hosted.. if you use an SVG it is not supported in outlook. 2- You can add an URL (hit Control + L) the enter the url and ander the display text ie shorturl. or type shorturl, then select it, hit control+L, type the url in url field and hit OK 3. is possible but it might be disabled in de service catalog, see if the below button is enabled. Then from within the Request you click this button, to open the Email editor (which will be attached after sending ) Regards, Martijn
  13. think i got it, that process were having requires one free (floating) license if they are all assigned then the error appears.
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