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  1. Ah ok thanks I can see it now. But getting an error when I test. Does that refer to the Keysafe authentication? iBridge Method: /Microsoft/Azure/DevOps/Work Items/Create.m Error: The specified credential identifier could not be found
  2. Hi, I have created an Auto Task. I want to be able to select it from the ADD CUSTOM BUTTON but there are no auto tasks listed to select. (I have created a new custom security role, level of user and assign it rights to the following database table - h_sys_custombutton_config)
  3. Hi, How can I add the ability to log time spent on incidents/service requests etc to calls? I have installed the timesheet manager
  4. @Victor yes just checked the workflow and it was doing exactly that, Thanks
  5. Hi, If I log an incident then everything works fine, however if I raise an incident from an incoming email to the Servicedesk then in my incident list they all have the same summary (New Starter Request:) Where do I find the setting so that emails logged from email will show the correct summary ? Thanks
  6. OK ive tracked down the dodgy decision block and it appears to be working now. Thanks for all your help everyone
  7. @Martyn Houghton @Ehsan @AndyHill ahh ok, i had validated the process but not published it. Thanks guys. I published it and now the initial incident has been logged email is coming from the correct mailbox. However when I go into the incident as an analyst I get an error : No matching GotoIf found. Does this mean that there is something wrong with one of the decision points in the process? Not sure how to track it down..
  8. @Martyn Houghton Yes, I am creating new incidents each time. Also get exactly the same behaviour with service requests
  9. @Martyn Houghton I have been through all the BPM processes and changed the mailbox name in all the email steps to the correct mailbox but it hasn't made a difference so maybe they are sent through system generated ones?
  10. No, unfotunately not. So if I raise a call, the call logged and call resolved emails come from the live.hornbill.com address. The only email that comes from the right mailbox is the 'assigned to you' email to the analyst
  11. The guest.app.requests.notification.emailDomain setting appears to be set to our email domain already. guest.app.requests.notification.emailMailbox looks like its set to the incorrect one though...
  12. Hi, When I log an incident call, the email comes from the @live.hornbill.com email email address rather than the new mailbox I have set up and specified as default under the service settings. If I update a call then the update goes from the correct mailbox but call logged and resolved emails are coming from the @live.hornbill.com address. Any ideas? Is there a way to specify the new mailbox as a blanket for everything maybe? Thanks
  13. Xmlmc method invocation failed for BPM invocation node '08c4c556-a207-8cac-2e59-65f2cb9e154a/flowcode-2a58bd24-fc72-444c-af25-903c80755ed1': 0200 apps notifyEmailRequestOwner FlowCode Exception (com.hornbill.servicemanager/entities/Requests/fc_bpm/notifyEmailRequestOwner): nodeName: Exception; nodeId: acd1ebbe-1cd9-4aed-bf14-50ce53f9a013; At 142/1: "Uncaught FCSException: The email template specified is invalid. Please contact your Hornbill Administrator." throw(e); _fc_node_exec_acd1ebbe_1cd9_4aed_bf14_50ce53f9a013 I have been making changes regarding the email so that all emails
  14. Hi, When I re-open a call I am getting an error: 350 && gc.rightSlideBarWidthNr < 450, 'slidebar-lg': gc.rightSlideBarWidthNr >= 450, 'is-edge':gc.isEdge, 'show-plugins-style':gc.showPluginsStyle, 'use-new-main-nav':true, 'use-old-main-nav':false, 'account-class-basic':gc.accountClass==='basic', 'is-portal-view':gc.isPortalView, 'auto-hide-header':gc.autoHideHeader}"> Xmlmc method invocation failed for BPM invocation node '08c4c556-a207-8cac-2e59-65f2cb9e154a/flowcode-2a58bd24-fc72-444c-af25-903c80755ed1': 0200 apps notifyEmailRequestOw
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