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  1. OK thanks James, do I need to log a support call?
  2. I made some changes and it gets to the next stage now for the person creating the change
  3. HI James, the person raising the change is part of our IT infrastructure team. He has all the change management roles assigned to him and the service is supported by all teams. However he still sees no services available to choose from?
  4. Thanks, they do have the roles and I dont think we have a change team setup. Under supporting teams it says this service is supported by all teams. Am I missing something? Regards, Anthony
  5. Hi, I have set up change management under a separate service and it works fine for me and my team. However, members of our infrastructure team cant see the service when they try to create a change, they get this: Can anyone assist in resolving this, thanks
  6. Many thanks James, do I need to follow the instructions here to run it? Hornbill Report Runner - Hornbill
  7. Ive got a known issue I published on our employee portal during testing but I cant find a problem or known error that it relates to so I Can unpublish it. Any ideas?
  8. Hi, Getting this error when re-opening a resolved call. Any idea how to resolve? Xmlmc method invocation failed for BPM invocation node '22ddb31d-f2b5-5b85-d411-2af574f69730/flowcode-3a02fecb-b643-48bb-9fef-75c506e94c1e': 0200 apps notifyEmailRequestOwner FlowCode...
  9. @Victor ERROR] Unable to Create User: XXXXX Error: User already exists with account status: active 2021/02/12 09:25:15
  10. @Victor Im trying to import him from LDAP as a user. The import fails and says it cant create him as his username already exists. I can find him in users but did find a contact for him. I assumed it failed due to the contact being there
  11. @Victor ok. The LDAP import is saying his username already exists but I cant find it anywhere in the users list. Any idea how I can track it down?
  12. I have a user who was originally a contact and who had a guest account. He is now an employee and the LDAP import wont import his AD details as he already has a guest account. I cant see any option to delete the guest account. Anyone know how to resolve this? Thanks
  13. Thanks James, OK so when they click ME TOO the only way they know that they are added to the issue is by the me too button being green. Obviously when the issue is resolved we can send an email to all connections letting them know its resolved. I think that might work Regards
  14. Hi, If we have a published known issue and users click the ME TOO button, they dont get any email to say they have been added to the issue. Is this possible?
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