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  1. @Dan Munns thanks for the details explanation - exactly what I was after and not as complicated as I thought it would be. @Foley Coker FYI Time to do some testing.
  2. Hi all, Hopefully someone else has tried doing this. I'm trying to re-authorise a request after a rejection outcome. This is to allow the Agent to select a user with a collaborative license and resend the authorisation email on behalf on the requester. I'm trying to achieve this through a Human Task (select the user) then the authorisation node emails that user. See attached
  3. wfmike


    Sorry for the late reply all. Spot on @Stuart Torres-Catmur and @Paul Alexander If we could have the choice of changing the WYSIWYG to the same being used on this forum would be great.
  4. Hi Support, I've noticed when using the WYSIWYG I get the below errors when sending and email. The text area shows one view of what you've typed but then formats a different view after sending (mainly related to text spacing and fonts) If I copy and paste some text it randomly chooses the font which I then cannot change after highlighting the text and selecting my preferred font e.g. Arial All in all, I was hoping that changing the WYSIWYG version or type could be left to the Admin to set. The simple version being used on this Forum would be perfect.
  5. Nice on @James Ainsworth - appreciate the quick response. Looking forward to using this feature in the near future.
  6. Hi @James Ainsworth Thanks for you update. I was looking for this feature at the servicemanager/request/view stage only. As it would then only be cycling through your current queue. I don't really see it being useful in any other view. Cheers
  7. Hi Support, I'm a new user of Hornbill and like some of the options offered in the software so far. However, I've noticed there is no way to quickly navigate through your list of ticket without returning to the main tickets list view. Can I propose adding a Next and Previous button / Arrow when viewing a ticket detail so that agent can quickly navigate to the next / previous ticket in their queue. Thanks
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