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Found 6 results

  1. When opening/download a service linked document on the employer portal, the original document name is not being used and internal non human understandable file name is created. When doing the same on the Customer Portal this works as expected with the file downloading/opening with the correct filename. Can the employee portal use the original filename. Also it appears to also affect check out of files in Document Manager as well. Cheers Martyn
  2. We have started to move our knowledge base into Service Manager by creating documents etc, however, we have found that once a document is created it cannot be edited by anyone but the creator even if you select the option to edit the library or document. Is there a way to allow groups/teams to be able to edit documents?
  3. @TrevorHarris I just saw a post by @samwoo that look like it might be the same or similar to the following issue I'm having. I just published a word document in Document Manager, added it to a library, shared the library with a team. I made sure a worker in the team was set up with library user and docadmin roles. She couldn't find the document. However, when I shared the document (i.e. not via the library) with the same worker as an individual, she could find it but not download it. So, 1st issue - am I missing a step in making documents available for teams to view? sharing on an individual basis isn't practical. Or should this go into knowledge base? i.e. am I using the wrong tool? 2nd issue - any idea why the worker got an error when trying to download the file?
  4. Hi there, I deleted a document without removing it's tag. Even though the document is no longer available, it still appears in the library as an item under the same tag. Is there a way to recover the document or remove the tag? Thanks in advance, L
  5. Good afternoon, I personally think it would be really useful to be able to add documents as well as tickets to the bookmarks panel in Hornbill. Wondered if this would interest anyone else? Regards, Mike.
  6. Hello, I have created a report using the h_lib_documents table. I have selected the necessary columns, including the tags: I changed the order of the tags column, then had look at the Data Preview... i can see that many Documents do not have any tags (some do). I then go to the actual document on the front end, and can visibly see tags on it. See the highlighted document with no tags: The document highlighted above does actually have tags: (link)/docmanager/document/details/DOC20150900000004 Can someone advise on what's going on? We need to report on these, as we are unsure what documents have tags or not. Originally we though most of them don't have tags, but because the report doesn't work that is probably untrue. Thanks, Samuel.
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