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Found 15 results

  1. Is it just me or are other people struggling to paste a screenshot into a FAQ text? The functionality works well with Internet Explorer 11 but not with Chrome... Any idea why?
  2. Since the Insights event and the changes to the platform we have noticed on 4 or 5 occasions where a Progressive Capture gets stuck. You can generally tell when this will happen as a blue box appears on the screen. When you click next the next form does not appear Sometimes deleting the cache works. So far I have only seen this when using Chrome but will update the post if I see this in any other browser.
  3. Hard to explain, GIF of issue in link: https://gyazo.com/5c9aca7d719cfd08cd43c483954cf28f Text input changes to the background text box after resolving and trying to add an activity.
  4. Hi folks When requests are logged via hornbill's "I want to book a minute taker" the time selected is not being reflected in the automated emails, appearing to not have taken daylight saving time into consideration, as it is always an hour before. Just to confirm it is just the emails being effected, the actual request details show the right time Basically we have date conversion nodes in the Minute Taking BPM and it seems to be taking an hour off. Is this a system setting / wokflow config we've missed or is it a bug? Please help
  5. I haven touched the admin side of hornbill today and no updates have been pushed but but whenever someone tries to raise a change they get this error when it comes to selecting a service: IS anyone else getting this error? Changes were being raised fine up to around a hour ago? Hayley. (have also raised as incident on support)
  6. Hi Guys - I have a problem with one of my change requests - it was raised at the start of last month, and has been in progress since. a member of staff has in the meantime left the business, and we have downgraded there hornbill account, and disabled the AD account. the problem is our leaver was referred to as a named user in some authorisation tasks for this change, and so now we cannot progress the request as the workflow fails. I have already updated the workflow so this is fixed in future change requests, but this doesn't change the workflow for already existing change requests. is there anyway to force the already existing change request to use the latest workflow version with the leaver removed? we don't really want to re-raise the request as this isn't then a true reflection of the change etc, CH00119059 this ticket also linked to this request - we'd like to move away from named users, but unsure if it can be done and maintain the 'flexability' we have?
  7. Hi I've just had an issue flagged to me regarding the service portal. Searching for services is sometimes returning no results yet the service being searched for exists and can be viewed in the list manually. We have a service called "Remote Access". Searching on the word "Remote" returns no results but it used to. Searching the word "Access" returns a service called "network logon and access". The description of the service is "Remote Desktop Services". Searching the word "Desktop" returns the desktop service but not the remote service. Very strange. Any ideas why this is and how we fix it? Thanks J
  8. I'd appreciate some help as this is driving me nuts !! I had set up a new external organisation a couple of months ago and then with their agreement setup 3 contacts who they wanted to log requests via the customer portal. The service they log against is used by a number of external organisations not just this new one. Yesterday I demo'ed to the 3 contacts how to log requests by signing into the customer portal as one of them. We went through the service and the 'Make a Request' tab and logged using the progressive capture. The 3 contacts then logged a number of Requests (incidents) yesterday afternoon. Today one of contacts has gone to log a new Request and the 'Make a Request' tab for the service is not visible any more. The same is true for the other 2 contacts. There is only 1 catalog item setup for this service and I'm at a loss as to what setting has changed for this to have occurred. I have tried the following: I can log for the 3 contacts using the catalog item for this service using our analyst portal. I've checked other contacts from other external organisations that use this service and they still seem to be able to 'Make a Request' through the customer portal. I removed the link between the contact and the organisation and then gave access to the service at contact level.....still couldn't see the 'Make a Request' tab. I linked the contact to a different external Organisation that uses the service and signed back on as that contact. This time I could see the 'Make a Request' tab. In all scenarios for these contacts I can always see the Service and I can always see the previously logged Request tab. Any help would be appreciated Thanks Paul
  9. we have updated our Service Manager app and now we are receiving different error:
  10. Hi, A user logged a ticket via the portal for a request type that should have been logged as a service request. However it has been logged as an incident. I can't see why this has happened. The PC has trigger correctly as all the questions have been answered and are shown on the request. The issue is that all member of the supporting team only have SR roles and as such cannot see this ticket. Ref IN00013678 if someone can take a look at it. Also if someone could set it as a SR it would be appreciated. Thanks
  11. Hi, We seem to be getting a number of requests that when logged via the portal do not show the questions for the call when we look at them? It was happening on a particular form a few times the other day. Now we have another called logged on a different form and all the question section is now missing from that one also? Any ideas? thanks lee
  12. Analysts trying to log a call through the Live portal are getting this far but nothing happens when clicking on any of the Catalog Items. This started happening yesterday afternoon. I'm getting the following in the Dev console: <source> element has no “src” attribute. Media resource load failed. request All candidate resources failed to load. Media load paused. request Source map error: request failed with status 401 Resource URL: https://live.hornbill.com/derbycollege/lib/ui-select/select.min.js Source Map URL: select.min.js.ma I can't completely rule out someone making changes and denying it (as happened with our mailboxes recently!) but I can't see anything that's changed. Analyst permissions are as follows - have I missed anything?
  13. Hi, When new requests are being logging I get the following error message: If I click the restart BPM button it seems to work. I have just installed the latest update. This is happening on all logged calls since the update was applied. Thanks
  14. This is a little weird....but I've just found an Incident which shouldn't be an incident... We have a CI on our portal which logs a Service Request for software procurement. I've just found a request which was logged using this CI a couple of days ago which has all the correct information in it, and has been assigned to the correct team and is following the correct BPM etc, however rather than being logged as an SR, it is logged as an incident instead. This isn't necessarily causing any problems at the moment, but I'm curious as to why it's happened, and whether there's something else going on which MAY cause problems in the future? If Hornbill wants to take a look, it's IN00006873 in our instance. thanks
  15. Hi, when trying to close a call IN00052334 - lots of errors come up therefore unable to close. HELP!
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