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Service Manager build 914 available


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Dear all

We released a new Service Manager build: 914. This is now available for you to update in Hornbill app store. Below is a list of changes and fixes introduced in this build:

NEW: Define default settings through Routing Rule Templates under Service Manager tile in the Admin Tool for requests that are automatically raised from an incoming email
NEW: It is now possible to choose which team members can be assigned requests. This can be configured in the Admin tool, under the Service Manager tile
NEW: Historic updates can now be made visibile to customers in the Service Portal with the setting 'guest.servicemanager.portal.request.showHistoricUpdate' and in the Customer Portal with the setting 'guest.servicemanager.customer.request.showHistoricUpdates'
NEW: Change Requests can now have a primary customer associated with them
FIX: Improved functionality around visibility of requests
FIX: If you do not have the rights to view a board, the View Log button is hidden
FIX: When there is no history available for a board, a message is shown instead of an empty popup
FIX: The customer column was not always populated when looking at the list of requests in the Portals
FIX: When searching in the Portals, if a result matches another language, the result will now be returned
FIX: When mapping custom Progressive Capture form fields to a request, h_custom_a to h_custom_q will now also map to the h_itsm_requests table
FIX: Customers logging requests through the Portals were presented with a vague message if there is a failure to attach files to the request
FIX: Further improvements to colour customisations to the portals
FIX: Asset image previews are not restricted in size when viewing requests in the details of a request in the Portals

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