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Problem with 'Site' this morning


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Good morning,

When logging tickets this morning and trying to select the users site if they are working at a different site to the one they are allocated is not working. 

For example on the picture attached, normally if I start typing 'Manchester', it would become a selectable field but it does not recognise it, even if I press enter, type the whole word 'Manchester' or press Finish. I have tried other sites opposed to Manchester and Manchester works fine if I select a user allocated to Manchester. 

It is picking up the default site still but we often have users working at different sites to their usual office so it is a feature we use quite a lot to showcase how many tickets are logged at each site. 

I am 99% sure this was working yesterday. It is not working for Service Requests or Incidents. Any help sorting this would be greatly appreciated so we do not have distorted reports. 



site problem 1.PNG

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There is a known issue around this particular bit of Progressive Capture when it's used in the portals. Will see if we can get this sorted in the next few updates.

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