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Organization Details form not picking up users organization

Ricky Watts

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I’m trying to set up a capture that does a customer search, then picks up their organization, then uses it in a Branch, but it doesn’t seem to detect their organization at all.  It goes Customer Search form -> Organization Details form -> Branch. The Customer Search displays the right customer, but then it says “Organization name : The selected Customer is not associated to an organisation”. It then goes down the ‘No Match’ branch (although it goes down the correct one if I use organizationid != 0).  In the Organisation setup it shows the user in Assigned Users, so I’m confident they have been assigned to the organisation.  I’ve also tried adding Organisation Id as an Additional Display Field, but that shows nothing.


Is there something obvious I’m doing wrong?  I’m fairly new to this but it seems like it’s set up correctly



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Hi @Ricky Watts

The first thing to consider is your organisational structure. In Hornbill with have different structures for the support of Internal and External customers. For example:

Organisation - In Hornbill, an Organisation refers to external organisations that you may support on the platform. This are configured in the User App

Company - These are internal Companies, against which you associate your internal members of staff. These are configured in the Admin App.

I believe with your set up, you have a number of Companies, against which your internal staff sit - so your Progressive Capture that you have described above will always default to no match because you (rightly) havn't up an Organisations. 

Unfortunately right now, we don't bring through all of a Customers Company/Department/Division information to the Progressive Capture to be used to make a decision against, so we may need to work in a slightly different way to achieve your goal. One of these could be to present the option for customer to select the Company they are logging the request against - as its own question. Once they have selected this, you can then base your branch decision on the answer given. 

You can actually do this quite simply through a custom form - if you select the option "Orion Group Picker", you can then select "Companies" in the "Filter By Group Type" option - and the dropdown list provided in Progressive Capture will contain whichever companies you have set up in your Organisational Structure. You can see an example configuration below:


I appreciate this isn't exactly what you need but I hope it provides an alternative way of doing it - and we will certainly look into providing extra Customer variables to make decisions upon in in the future. 

Kind Regards



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