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  1. No refreshing doesn't make any difference. It still defaults to the wrong From address and won't let us change it
  2. It's just happening in the main email view. If we try to email out via a request form it defaults to the correct address and lets us change it if required.
  3. We have an issue that's just started happening today where when someone tries to forward an email from our shared mailbox in Service Manager. Basically we have 3 shared mailboxes, 1 primary one and 2 secondary ones used by teams at other sites. If we try to forward an email in the primary mailbox it puts one of the secondary addresses in the From box. The From field is then greyed out and won't let us change it to the correct address. If we use Reply it uses the correct address in From, it just seems to be forwarding that has a problem. This has only started happening today and we haven't made any config changes recently. Any idea why it's doing this and how we fix it?
  4. Actually ignore all this, it was just me being an idiot I was thinking that shared mailboxes don't have their own password for some reason. Turns out they do and that was the password I needed to use. Stupid mistake on my part.
  5. Thanks. I'm not entirely sure I'm using the right credentials though. What I'm really asking is if I'm setting this up the right way. i.e. should I have the username as the email address of the mailbox, and the password as the password of a service account with full access to the mailbox? If that is right then how does it know which account I've given a password for?
  6. We're trying to set up a new mailbox but can't get service manager to connect to it. The mailbox is set up in Office365 as a shared mailbox, but when I try to add it in service manager it gives an error when I try to test the connection. For the username I've got the email address of the mailbox. For the password I've put the password of a service account that has full access to the mailbox (the mailbox itself doesn't have a password as it's a shared mailbox). From the error it looks like an authentication issue. I'm pretty sure this is how we've added mailboxes previously but I can't get this one to work. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?
  7. It seems to be working ok now. Not sure what's changed, but thanks for your help
  8. Yes it's happening for every email we've tried to raise a case from. It's also doing it no matter who raises the case, there are 5 of us who have tried it and all get the same. It was fine this morning and started happening about 2-3 hours ago. We haven't changed anything in our setup today.
  9. I've just attached a screenshot, although it doesn't show a lot. Just a screen that says Loading on it.
  10. For the last couple of hours whenever we try to raise a case from an email (using the Raise Request button on the Mailbox view) it just sits there saying Loading. We can raise them via the Request List view using the Raise New button, but then we have to populate all the information manually. Is there a way for us to fix this, or is it a server-side problem?
  11. Thanks for the reply Steven. I think setting the external reference should suit our needs, so I've got that set up now. Thanks again.
  12. I'm looking for a way to have a different case reference format if an external customer logs a case to when our internal ones do. Basically our setup is this - we mostly use service manager for internal users, and are just using the standard IN and SR format for case references. We do have an external customer we also support, and have set up a customer portal so they can log issues themselves. We'd like the cases they log to have a different format for the reference so we can easily tell them apart, something like e.g. EC000001 instead of IN00001. I was thinking we could log the external cases as a Problem rather then Incident or Service Request, then set the required format for all Problems logged. I can't see any way to log Problems through the customer portal though, it only allows us to add Catalog Items for Incidents and Service Requests. Is there a way to achieve what we want this way? Or is there a better way to get these cases logged with a different reference format?
  13. That's exactly what I was after, thank you I've just checked the h_sys_security_log table and it confirms the user did have multiple unsuccessful login attempts before their account was suspended. I did think that was the case but wanted to confirm that as I'm sure he'll insist he's entering the right password. Thanks again.
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