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Validation on Asset Name (to be configurable for other fields if required)


Validation on Assets  

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    • Yes - Validation AND to be configurable
    • Yes - Validation on the names only though
    • No

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Recently we have discovered that we have quite a few duplicate Assets that have been causing issues. It seemed that users are accidentally overwriting the Asset Details whilst having lots of Assets open on screen.

We have not been uploading assets using the Upload function, these were added in manually quite some time ago then overwritten by accident since.

Could we have configurable fields for each of the Asset Groups where we can define what needs to be validated against it's table?

We really need the Laptop Asset Names to be validated against the table to avoid another of the same name to be created.. to avoid duplicates. In addition maybe have a feature than when typing does a bit of fuzzy matching on the name you typed to pick up anything similar and warn you if anything is found.



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