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Service Manager 2.34 release available


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Dear all


This morning we released our new version of Service Manager 2.34. This is now available for you to update in Hornbill app store. Below is a list of changes and fixes introduced by this version:


FIX: A number of performance improvements have been implemented to make areas of the Service Manager application faster Search in the Portals is now much faster
FIX: You could not update the request category and external reference at the same time for a request 
FIX: It was possible to bypass ProCap form(s) even if they were set to mandatory
FIX: Timeline updates were not visible in the customer portal
FIX: Searching for a site in Progressive Capture could return no results
FIX: Wrong action on timeline entry when request get closed
FIX: The print option for a request was not always available
FIX: Error shown when clicking on the "Awaiting Feedback" button in the Portals
FIX: The service is now shown in the breadcrumbs when raising a request in the portals
FIX: Organisation Request not showing for users who have not logged a request
FIX: ProCap form skipping when using catalog items - Users need to ensure that their progressive captures have 'Switch Process' nodes available
FIX: UTC time issue with question date/time
FIX: Text clipped on reference column for 'All My Requests'
FIX: All My Requests sorting fails on customer portal when sorting by Customer

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