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Email Routing Rules


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Hi, All 

I have read through a few posts and can see Routing Rules may not be a finished article yet however i do have one setup and working (See RoomCheck.jpg) a script running on a server sends the mail each day. 

I replicated this for a website page review system (To automatically log users reviewing the page) (pagereview.jpg) only i used the expression subject='New Page Review' but it doesn't process the mail.

I have looked at https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Email_Routing_Rules and it does show me the regular expression types but does not give me any examples or other settings examples

Can anyone point me in the right direction 






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Perhaps a small thing, but I think the Rule Expression is case sensitive.

When I add subject from the Rule Parameters drop down (just above the Rule Expression with the envelope symbol) it is added as "subject" rather than "Subject".

Are you able to try with the lowercase variable?


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