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New Release: Hornbill ESP (2608)

Harry Hornbill

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Hello Everyone

The latest version of Hornbill ESP (2608) has been released to live.

Release Notes for this release are as follows:


  • When using E-mail routing rule expressions, the case insensitive behavior of the LIKE operator only applied to US-ASCII A-Z/a-z, all other characters would require binary matches. We have now implemented case-insensitive LIKE matching for all Latin character sets including Cyrillic, Greek, Coptic, Armenian and Georgian as per UCS-2 Level 7.3. While this does not expand the case-insensitive matches for languages that require Case Folding or Semantic normalizing, this does expand the usefulness of LIKE expressions considerably beyond the previous implementation of US-ASCII only case insensitive matching.
  • Added experimental flag - experimental.feature.showPluginsInCollaborationCore - Flag to show/hide the areas in the Collaboration Core that were added by other applications. This will not affect the functionality
  • New Email List query was not getting properly the Order Direction parameter
  • Invoking library::documentUpdate operation multiple times with exactly same file content incorrectly updates the CAFS
  • Administration Tool had hidden Advanced Analytics and Reporting from the Collaboration Application.
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