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New Release: Hornbill Admin Tool (464)

Harry Hornbill

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Hello Everyone

The latest version of Hornbill Admin Tool (464) has been released to live.

Release Notes for this release are as follows:


  • Analytics - Widgets - "Measured Samples" Chart type now supports tick type grouping by period part (hour, day, week, month) i.e. calls logged on "day" of week where "day" is grouped by sun, mon, tue ..
  • Experimental Entity Viewer - When hovering over an entity connection highlight the columns in the 2 entities that make up the connection.
  • Workflow - PCF Editor - disable radioset buttons as SM aren't ready for it.
  • Experimental Entity Viewer - Added ability to move entities about. Waiting for schema change to take affect so can save position state.
  • Workflow - BPM Editor - Create generic func to get user assignment lsit items for task, approval an access permission list boxes in property sheets.
  • Workflow - BPM Editor - Rework parallel flow connection checking
  • Adv Analytics - Widgets Datalist - allow column wrapping.
  • Workflow - BPM Editor - save not enabled when changing automated task method.
  • Workflow - BPM Editor - allow parallel nodes to connect to free floating nodes.
  • Application Subscription Utilisation was incorrect
  • Reporting - Editor - If report has dateTimeBetween user input field type the time fields are not fully visible.
  • Workflow - PCF Editor - When uploading a flow do not overwite existing process name.
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