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Service Manager 2.32 release available


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Dear all


This morning we released our new version of Service Manager 2.32. This is now available for you to update in Hornbill app store. Below is a list of changes and fixes introduced by this version:

NEW: Application setting for extended Customer Feedback including custom questions (app.request.customerFeedback.starRating for Star Rating, app.request.customerFeedback.maxQuestion for Maximum Question)
NEW: Application setting to enable the title in the posts and comments added to a request (servicemanager.request.timeline.showShortPostTitle for Service Manager and guest.servicemanager.request.timeline.showShortPostTitle for the portals)
NEW: Adding analyst availability and presence to the assign options in Service Manager
NEW: Asset administrators now able to add their own sub-statuses to their assets
NEW: Added additional output parameter 'catalogId' as well as the already existing 'catalogName' for use in BPM
FIX: When you have a multiline description for an attachment, the text wraps under the icon
FIX: Request list multi-select options do not toggle visibility correctly when an item is on-hold
FIX: Remove prefix Question/Answer from request print
FIX: Wrong question mapping on BPM
FIX: Issue with Header Colour on portal
FIX: Requests tab in Service form displays unrelated requests
FIX: When saving a home view without selecting any options first, the wrong information is stored
FIX: Shared Views list should be ordered alphabetically
FIX: Unable to action Place On Hold in a BPM if a date attribute is left blank through the configuration
FIX: When looking at the definition of a service that uses a BPM that no longer exists or is deactived, there is no information for the user
FIX: Email Template error shown while Service is loading request configuration
FIX: Scrollbar added in the service details page
FIX: Improved spacing around views with long names
FIX: Attachments removed during Progressive Capture are still attached to the request
FIX: Progressive Capture selection list for catalog items is not alphabetically ordered
FIX: When sending an email to customers, the BCC recipients should not be listed in the timeline
FIX: Duplicate contacts showing in the Portal Access popup
FIX: Application Setting not respected when updating request details
FIX: When veiwing the requests against an Organisation, you can see requests that you should not be able to see (dependent on team/service)
FIX: When applying an email to a request, the entitySearch API performed does not limit the amount of results
FIX: When selecting lots of items for a single condition for a View, the box does not continue to grow after a certain point
FIX: Email notifications not working when sent from BPM
FIX: Misrepresentation of Response and Resolution values in requests for Service Levels
FIX: Date control is not being formatted in question section
FIX: Division does not get populated when using user group picker with questions
FIX: Store label instead of value from simple list Question (PC)
FIX: Cannot log request with service form and question in Problem PC
FIX: Cant view organisation requests on customer portal

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PATCH 2.32.5


This patch addresses an two issues. First issue is where the list of requests against an organisation was filtering out requests that belonged to teams that analyst is not a part of and an the other issue where analysts were unable to assign a request to a specific owner using the mobile app.

If your instance has been affected by this issue please update to this release.

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