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Where's my shared mailbox?


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For some reason the shared mailbox that I setup has disappeared from the config. But if I go to recreate it I get:


The mailbox is called "ics.servicedesk@charnwood.gov.uk" and was all working fine. Sending and receiving email. Now it's failing to even appear.

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41 minutes ago, Victor said:

@swcbc can you please (re)create the mailbox without the reserved characters, or with a new name if you like. Once this is done please let me know and I will migrate the "faulty" mailbox the new one.

I did that. But now our Service Desk team aren't happy at all. They've got to go through all of their business processes and change the mailbox as every one of them is failing :o

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@swcbc this should be sorted now. All existing emails (should) have been migrated to the new mailbox. Let me know if you notice any inconsistencies. Had a look at BPs as well, seems your Service Desk team was quicker and amended most of them, there were only two (I think) that had email nodes pointing to the "helpdesk" mailbox which I switched to new mailbox.


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