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Guest gregmarcroftorc

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Guest gregmarcroftorc

Apologies if this has been raised and I have missed it, but is there any way for there to be a set default view that we can have when viewing the inbox like we can with the request list? For example, I would like to sort the inbox by "unread" emails the majority of the time (but not all), and it would help if I could change have different views of the Inbox set up. At present, I sort the column so that the unread emails are at the top, but when I go to a different ticket and then click  back, the view is no longer sorted by unread emails at the top. 

Please let me know if you need further info.


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We will release it internally this week for testing but unfortunately I doubt we will be able to push major releases during August, maybe end of August. It will be coming as experimental in the next few weeks, and you will be able to turn it ON but I suggest waiting for it to be more stable.

We will send a notification (Harry Hornbill) once it is available.

I can asure you it will be a big improvement to what you have now!



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