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SSL ADFS Certificate


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Do we need to supply you a .cer (public key) certificate or .pfx (public + private key) as we will be renewing our internal SSL Wildcard Certificate we will be updating our ADFS (Active Directory Federated Services) Servers with a new Certificate?

We currently use SSO (Single Sign-On) to authenticate on the Hornbill Support System can you confirm that our .cer auto updates or pulls from our website?

Can you confirm if this is correct if not do I have to provide the certificate in which relevant format for you?

We are going to replace Service Communication certificate not Token-signing certificate. Is your application using Service Communication certificate in ADFS?(see attached file)


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You don't need to provide us anything, but you may need to re-configure your SSO profile in the admin tool. Generally that would mean, once you have added your new cert to AD, re-importing your XML Meta data into the Hornbill SSO profile, your meta data would include the public certs which we would hold in our database, when your AD generates a signed response using the new cert, we will have the new cert and will be able to authenticate the requests.

I am no expert so hopefully that makes sense, it should certainly make sense to your AD admin/expert.

Hope that helps.


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