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New Update: Service Manager (3053)

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Hello everyone,

The latest update of Service Manager (3053) has been released to live.

The change log for this update is as follows:

  • added BPM operation 'Requests->Suspend->Wait for Custom Field' {CH00181144}
  • added new BPM operation "Requests->suspend->Wait for request urgency"
  • added new BPM operation "Requests->suspend->Wait for request impact"
  • The BPM operation to update the general property 'Availability State' on the assets linked to a request is not working as expected {PM00181660}
  • Request list charts returning incorrect data when grouping results by 'Created By' {PM00181648}
  • Request list Chart set to display the requests raised in the week do not return the expected results {PM00181613}
  • Incorrect Used By and Owned By values when creating or updating an asset within a workflow {PM00181542}
  • Unable to link an asset to a request under a specific scenario {PM00181492}
  • Showing a warning instead of loading icon when creating a routing rule template
  • intelligent capture Asset node missing classes {PM00181295}
  • Take Ownership button not showing when the request is already assigned to a member of my team {PM00181269}
  • Request List Chart Drill down into response/resolution met data does not filter the request list correctly {PM00176478}
  • missing activities on calendar {PM00181178}
  • Requests timers may not be correctly resumed when request is taken off hold following customer update on portal {PM00179405}
  • Response Timer is not marked when BPM is actioned by a basic user in employee portal {PM00181092}
  • card on board showing incorrect owner {PM00181109}
  • Custom fields in Request associated with Custom button and Autotask are not updated without page refresh {PM00181052}
  • Tooltip showing the description of an asset property is cut off on small screens {PM00176242}
  • 'Make me Owner' button on Request List Views - Shared Views - Manage does not update the chart owner {PM00180983}
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