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New Update: Hornbill Core UI (2137)

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Hello everyone,

The latest update of Hornbill Core UI (2137) has been released to live.

The change log for this update is as follows:


  • Clicking on an error message will popup an advanced form if additional info is available
  • Admin - Intelligent Capture - Flow can be tested before it is published
  • SSO Profile List and SSO Profile pages now include a Last Used On date/time field that shows the last date/time the profile was used to authenthenticate a login
  • Preview UI - Email view - added option to open email in full view



  • Employee Portal - The gap between two link items is now the same as the other items/sections
  • Style Change - Updated the font to use the OS and browser defaults
  • Admin - Security - SSO Profiles:only enable realm option if serviceFeature allows it
  • Reset the time list in the calendar popup




  • New UI - Contact List View - not visible for all customers
  • Admin - Adv -Analytics - Measure List: View content area not scrolling properly
  • New UI - Global Search sometimes displays two inputs at the same time
  • New UI - Email Composer - was not possible to upload multiple attachments at once
  • New UI - Email Composer - wasn't possible to remove replied content
  • New UI - Email Composer - Font selector was not working
  • Admin - Platform Config - Org Structure: Child organisation tab count and paging broken.
  • New UI - Email Composer - Not possible to send message with CC or BCC only
  • New UI - Email Composer - Sometimes templates were not applied
  • New UI - Email List - counters in folders were not updated
  • Admin - Users: Unable to clear middle name field from user profile
  • Email Composer - missing quote button in new UI
  • Admin - Basic User Mode: Clicking on profile link shows blank page. Have to navigate back to home and back again to display.
  • Email composer - snippets were not insert at cursor position
  • Admin - Intelligent Capture: Unable to delete a capture
  • New UI - Contacts View - Filter did not perform correctly


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