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Attachments Archiver - Services section on conf.json not documented

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Good afternoon,

I was looking to revisit the attachments archiver tool (https://github.com/hornbill/goRequestAttachmentArchiver?tab=readme-ov-file) and I was pleased to see that the tool now updates the timeline of requests. (Though I do wish we could specify the message ourselves, per conf)

I then looked at the conf.json file and noticed a Services section that has not been documented anywhere.

   "InstanceID": ""
   , "APIKeys": [
   , "AttachmentFolder": "C:/Temp/"
   , "Services": []

Please can someone advise on what should be here? I suspect it is a list of Service ID's, but it could be the Service Name and I just wanted to double-check before I run anything.



ps. This is great because then I can ensure that attachments from specific services goes into a specific folder, then I can do another conf with no Services define to pick up everything else and put them into a different folder.

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Thanks @SamS! The information is in there woo!

Sorry I didn't notice it - I generally look for the guidance on the Wiki or Docs - but great to know and something that I will be mindful of in the future.

Could I request extra functionality to allow us to define the message that is displayed (for example which folder it's gone into)?

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<Please Ignore this post - had a weird glitch when submitting my previous message>

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