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Email addresses of archived accounts

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We have had a request from our First Line Service Desk regarding whether it is possible for Hornbill  to not include email addresses of archived accounts when raising calls from emails?

The issue which first line currently have is that when an email arrives and they try to log it, it brings up the account for all users (active and archived) based on the email address.

 A work around going forward is for us to change our working practice and amend the email addresses of user accounts which are archived to remove the emails at this point.

I just wondered if anyone else has had this issue and what they have done to sort?



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Why are you getting emails in from archived users?

Can you add a node in your workflows before they get assigned to Service Desk to "Get User" details and then have a decision/expression based on the Account status to cancel/close any tickets raised for emails where the user is archived (and perhaps send a nice email saying please do not email us again or what to do to activate their account)?



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Thank you for your reply.

we aren't getting messages from archived users, I have asked for more clarification and have received the below.

Hi Paul,


I’ve spoken to Vikki C who has asked that I get a screen shot of the issue being raised by First Line so that you get a better understanding of the issue.

When an email is received into Hornbill (as below), first line then have to raise this as a call which uses the user’s email address.



 As you can see, there are two Andrew ****. The issue is that first line do not know which is the correct account (the active account).

One of the accounts is active and the other archived (in this example).





What we are proposing is to either manually amend all email addresses for archived users to ‘Archived’ (however this may cause issues with reporting) and for which we will require an export of Archived User Accounts to work from, or ask Hornbill to prevent the lookup of archived accounts. Either way will stop multiple accounts (including those which are duplicates) for each user from showing when raising calls from emails.


I hope this makes sense.

Let me know if you need anything further.

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