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Reporting on h_sys_accounts


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I'm creating a report to collate some information on our customers using the request table and the h_sys_accounts table. 

Within the h_sys_accounts table are the custom attributes. When viewed in the "database Direct" tool, I can see the "Attribute X"  values (one thru eight) are present.

When using the report, none of those values appear. Is this a limitation or is there something I am missing?

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and that sql clause you have specified in the table join section yes? Can you put up screen of your select tables and join so i can make sure mine is the same

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@QEHNick ,

Works ok as far as i can tell.

You sure the sys accounts login id matches the requests customer id?

Set the JOIN type to "right join" - this will then only return records if a match exists in sys accounts table.

Also maybe add those 2 cols (maybe accounts userid as well) to output so can see.

Lastly for now maybe filter report to select just 1 request by request ID where you know the request customer id = a sys account login id that has attribute fields set.



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That suggestion helped me figure it out - the customer ID and Login ID is the same - however, the accounts which are like that do not have any custom attributes. I have instead selected "h_fk_user_name" from the request table and "name" from the h_sys_account table. These match perfectly and the results are now correct.


Thanks for the mental nudge @NeilWJ

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