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Request for help file update on Add Assets Nodes

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I request the helpfile be updated for this type of node (for each type of asset):


The help file currently is this and I draw your attention to the highlighted fields:


The issue is that there is only one mandated field but the node DOES NOT WORK until you enter EITHER "Used By" or "User ID" as well. The helpfile should mention this please; just a simple statement on "Used By" like, "Must be set if User ID is not set" (and vice-versa) would suffice.

The alternative is to somehow either make that function work (to add assets to the ticket) if neither are set; or perhaps to set one of the fields to actually be mandatory.

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Hi @Berto2002

This Hornbill Automation should work when all optional options are set to ignore.  I've tested this and I'm getting the same outcome as you.  When all options are set to Ignore, it should use the customer and associate the assets that they own (not use).

I've fed this back to the development team to have a look and confirm how this should be working.   

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Hi @Berto2002

Development had a look at my configuration and pointed out that I had a mistake in my configuration.  My automation was set to Add Customer Telecoms Assets, but I didn't have any Telecoms Assets set with that customer as the owner.  Once I added a telecoms asset, it worked.

In your original screenshot, you have three fields set to auto, rather than ignore.


In almost all cases where you are not providing a manual or variable option, these should be left as Ingore.  I'll find out more about the Auto option so it can be documented when and where the Auto option can be used.

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