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Using the same process in a few places


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I think I know the answer to this, but wanted to make sure before I break something that's live and working!

We have one element of a Service live, pictured, whilst I build out the rest of the service in the background. We need to keep this linked as its own catalog item, but is it possible to also link the IntCap behind this to a choice within another catalog item i.e. an ''I would like'' catalog item with subsections within?



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@lomixture I'm afraid I do not understand what you are looking to set up here... 

So you have the service and the element of the service, which is the "Leaver Notification" catalog item for that service. And you are also setting up other "elements" of the service. You need the "Leaver Notification" catalog item to stay as it is. The "Leaver Notification" catalog item is using a certain capture (let's say IC 123) and you also want another catalog item ("I Would Like" catalog item) to use this capture IC 123? Is this right? Also, what do you mean by "subsections within"?

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Sorry, I don't have the right terminology language to explain as you did.

Essentially, we are building out our HR service to include more than just the Leaver Notification pictured. We are slowly adding all elements of our HR transactional work to the service. 

One of the categories customer can choose will be called ''Leavers Processes'' and within that category there will be things such as 'career breaks', 'references' etc. The team have asked if we can have a link directing to the same place as the ''Leaver Notification'' catalog item pictured. We're trying to cover all basis of where a customer may look to find the Leaver Notification and so being able to dual link from the catalog item above and the category ''Leavers Process'' would be really handy depending on how customers use the system.

This secondary link for the Leavers Notification within the 'Leavers Process' category would use the same intelligent capture and business process as the catalog item.

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