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New Update: Hornbill Core UI (1756)

Harry Hornbill

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Hello everyone,

The latest update of Hornbill Core UI (1756) has been released to live.

The change log for this update is as follows:

  • Admin - Workflow - BPM Editor: When publishing a process that has possible variable reference warnings display popup confirmation to publish (so user acknowledges they have checked warnings)
  • Admin - Workflow - Business Process Editor: When changing the "result reference" of a node the ui will now find and replace variable references (only if the original result reference is unique).
  • Admin - Processes - BPM Editor: Automatically add isset check to any varaiable reference tests in a decision node custom expression. If the variable ref does not exist it will fail the condition instead of trying to run the test. Only applies when creating new conditions or updating existing conditions.
  • Admin - Platform Conf - Users: When assign user to organisation/group/team only show task options for Team.
  • Admin - Adv Analytics - Widget Editor: Changing widget preview height to 100% and then to say 50% the widget content does not resize.
  • Admin - Adv Analytics - Widget Editor: When first selecting widget as list count a pointless setup error is displayed.
  • Admin - Reporting - Report Editor: Hardcoded value list breaks if you enter duplicate hardcoded values.
  • Dark Mode - Improved Inteligent Capture's Administration, Tabs and some other areas
  • Admin - Flowcodes - Business Process Editor: Automatation node, on selecting "deprecated" type in Service Manager app breaks the entity select box, so cannot reselect "Request" entity.
  • Employee Portal - Inteligent Capture - Mandatory input fields are not using the customized style
  • User profile - edit user details show error when site was empty
  • If user has no image it will show a gray circle instead of the initial letter
  • Admin - Reporting - Reports: In reports with table joins thet joined table names are not displayed in tables tab.
  • Admin - Platform Conf - Users: When assign user to team the task options are always get set to false regardless of input value.
  • When editing translation string in front end UI, the suggest button is not working
  • Date Picker not showing part of the date if the input field is too small
  • Employee Portal - Widget - Title shows wrong colour if it has a link
  • Admin - Workflow - Live Bpm Instances: Do not perform instance save when restarting a process with no changes.
  • Admin - Adv Analytics - Widgets: temp workaround for broken api in latest server that affects getting data for scorecard widgets (measures). Will revert back to normal api after server build 3679
  • when creating a new user the 2 factor authentication setting is not saved
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