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Removing service options from the Company Home portal

Gavin James - SDDC

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Good Afternoon,

We are in the process of simplifying our support options on our main customer Hornbill portal "Company Home", basically we want to only display two option "I would like to make a request" and "I would like to report an issue", you can see I have highlighted these as available below. 

I'm having trouble removing the other options, the options I would like removing are marked as unavailable in the below picture.   But I don't want then to be marked as Unavailable I want then to be removed completely. 


I know I can remove these from the portal through the "Portal Visibility" when in the Service Portfolio, but if I do this then  I have a problem.... any active, on-hold or closed calls no longer display in the "Your requests" area of the portal.  This is a bit of a problem, as although we are no longer using the unavailable options we still want our customers to be able to see any calls that are in the system already, open, on-hold or closed.  

The easiest option I thought about to overcome this issue was to see if the portal would only display "available options" but it doesn't seem to do this. the options I can see are below.  


I'm not sure of the best way forward,  I mean, I could just remove and tell customers to accept that they can no longer see closed calls, and for any open or on hold calls I could just wait for them to be closed and then remove the options.






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