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Setting Reminders in Hornbill

Lynne Aldridge

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Guest Paul Alexander

Hi Lynne

I don't know if this will help, but there's a 'schedule callback' option which, according to the wiki:

  • Callback - Callbacks can be scheduled for a date and time in the future, with supporting notes. Defining a Callback will create a new activity which will be associated to the Incident, against which reminders and checklists for Callback can be set. It is also possible to use the Callback option to add notes from the callback conversation and have those notes added to the Incident timeline as a Phone update. Updates can filtered by update type so it is useful to accurately record all communication.


YOu could also add an Activity to a request, and set a Due Date and reminder:




I don't know if either of these options would help you achieve what you're trying to do? 


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