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Knowledge centre within Email


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We are starting to use the knowledge centre more to allow our engineers to search for ticket types based on keywords, however we can't get this to work through the email section within Hornbill
Has anyone else managed to get this working?

Currently our customers email direct to our inbox, and then a dedicated support member will use the raise request button and then manually have to find the ticket type

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Hi @HarryM

There is some documentation regarding this which can be found here.

Are the support members able to see the Knowledge Center when raising tickets from the request list, not using an email?

The Knowledge Center works with Intelligent Capture, and for support staff they should see results when both raising a ticket from an email or from the request list.  There are particular Intelligent Capture forms that trigger the Knowledge Center to present possible matches.  It is possible that the Intelligent Capture script being used for emails doesn't include a form, such as the Details Form, that is needed for this to display.


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