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Minor bug: Cannot scroll through Notices when there are more than four

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I appreciate this is a bit of an edge case but during testing I found myself with five notices on the top of one of my requests and although there is a scrollbar on the far right-hand side, that does not appear to work; the final notice is permanently obscured from the agent's view. 

The behaviours I experience are:

1) when hovering over the scrollbar to use my mouse cursor, the heads up display is expanded and thus moves the scrollbar down. The reverse occurs when I then try to use the scrollbar with the mouse cursor in the new lower position: the HUD collapses. Thus rendering me unable to use the scroll bar

2) when placing my mouse cursor over the notices and using the scroll wheel, the scroll occurs to the request itself rather than the notices box exclusively

It's relatively easy for me to avoid having five notices on at once, but this does look like it needs to be added to the improvements list.


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Hi @Berto2002

I have replicated the issue when the mouse is over the Notices scroll bar and the Process Tracker (HUD) is extended, when it shouldn't be. 

I am able to scroll the list of Notices using the mouse wheel when the mouse is over the notices, without the entire request scrolling, using Chrome.  Which browser are you using?


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12 hours ago, James Ainsworth said:

Which browser are you using?

MS Edge browser.

Additional information; the scroll with the mouse wheel DOES work for me on Edge when over the Notices but only when over an actual Notice. When the cursor starts BETWEEN notices, in the white space, it attempts to scroll the HUD; so it's a bit flakey.

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