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Searching for tickets in a BP workflow


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Bit of an edge case. Have a situation where as part of a BP it would be useful to be able to check for existing tickets matching certain criteria (e.g. tickets logged in the last hour with a custom field matching a value in the current BP that's running).  The idea being that we have security alerts from an external system automatically raising incidents in Hornbill, but the trigger can sometimes generate multiple alerts in a short period of time. So ideally, rather than analysts having to waste time looking at multiple 'duplicate' tickets, the BP would check if a similar ticket has been logged recently and if so, link the request to the 'master' ticket and close it off without an analyst having to intervene.

The GetRequestDetails function only allows you to specify a request ID (which I get, since it's the primary key and will only return one result), but it would be useful if there was a way to construct more complicated searches (or just the ability to run SQL statements) to retrieve information and act on it. I guess it would also require additional array utilities to process multiple rows, so might be too complicated. 

Unless anyone can think of a different way to achieve a similar result?




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Hi @Met

What system are you using for security alerts?  Most of these types of systems will usually have some sort of event correlation so that multiple events only result in one email being sent out.  Or the first event has some key text that is different from follow up events for the same issue that the Hornbill Routing Rules can use.  The ideal scenario would be to manage the events before it comes to Hornbill and only have one request created.

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