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Error: "There was a problem in saving the extra details"; IC fields not showing in Details form

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Hi. I just logged a new Change Request and got this pop-up:


I then noticed that an IC data capture field called "h_change_justification"...


... did not appear in the Change Details section where I believe it should do:



In fact, None of the intelligent capture fields that were named to match the DB fields (to enable them to show in the change details form) actually appeared there. Including:




Is this what the error message was alluding to? Or have I stumbled across two issues here? or am I thinking the product does something it doesn't?

Just to reiterate, my understanding is that if an intelligent capture field has the correct database field name then it will be automatically populated into that field in the DB; and therefore should appear in the change details form when that field name is specified to display the form for that service.

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