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Asset manager and searching for Shared Devices


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Would it be possible to allow the searching facilities in Asset manager to search on the users of Shared devices.

E.g I have an desktop shared with Fred Blogs and Joe Blogs.

When I search for a Joe Blogs assets, I would like this Desktop to appear.

Hope that makes sense




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Hi @JAquino,

 thanks for your post, 

The assets that are owned by, used by, or shared with a user can be found in one of two ways:

From the asset list, use the asset search option (the stand-alone magnifying glass located next to the quick filter). Selecting the "Used By" condition and specifying a user will have the desired effect and return asset records shared with that user.


The alternative is to approach it from the user's Profile. A users profile can be accessed from the Co-Worker directory (https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php?title=Co-Workers) (Home Icon > Co-Workers) then search and select the specific user to view their profile.

A Co-Worker can also be searched for using the Global Search bar at the top of the Hornbill interface

Assets are available in the "Service Manager" tab as shown in the image:image.png

The quick filter doesn't act upon the list of users an asset is shared with, it only acts upon asset attributes which exist directly against an asset record.

I hope that helps,


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