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New Update: ESP (3611)

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Hello everyone,

The latest update of ESP (3611) has been released to live.

The change log for this update is as follows:

  • Added mail::getOriginDomainList operation to support configuration validation of email related functions
  • Added new API mail::mailCheckOriginDomain which can be used to determine of an email address is deliverable by this Hornbill instance
  • User Account Templates now support defining group membership to be applied when creating an account
  • The External Email Approval BPM Node now includes an optional "From" field where you can specify your corporate email address to send the message from, this allows you to use your corporate email address, for example 'approvals@yourco.com' instead of the approval coming from default instance email address
  • The bpm:workflowList operation incorrectly returned accessUpdate param as false when access to workflow was granted
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