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Retrieving Asset Information via BPM


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I'm looking to retrieve the properties of a Software Asset via BPM (e.g. licence information that I can feed into a decision node). Hopefully I'm not missing anything obvious, but I'm struggling to find a node where I can plug in the asset name/ID (e.g. item selected from a dynamic drop down on the capture form) and get the required information via the output.

What options are available to do this?

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1 hour ago, Paul Alexander said:

Hi @CraigP

Is this what you're looking for?

This node should pick up any software assets which are attached to the request (which you said was added via the capture)?

Hi Paul

No unfortunately not. I believe that node only returns a string of asset IDs (and type if set to included).

I'm looking for the properties of the asset (e.g. Licence Type, Licence Count)

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