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Attachments not attaching to new calls and Linked calls


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I have noticed Hornbill has stopped attaching files, attachment types can vary to be either pdf's or docx files either are not automatically attaching to the new call when it's created . when I raise a link request all the details are copied over except for the attachments, it used to copy everything along with the attachments too.

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Hi Rupert,

Is this when you are manually raising a request from an email? It uses Intelligent Capture as part of the process for raising the request from an email.  In order to add the attachments one would normally have the Attachment Form as part of the capture script.  I just wanted to check if you have the Attachment Form in your script, and if you do, does the form get populated with the attachments prior to the request being raised?

I'm not sure about when raising a linked request.  I'll try and give that a test.  I don't remember that automatically coping over the attachments, but I could be wrong.



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There is the Copy Request feature that does include the attachments as it is creating a copy. 

The creation of a linked request goes through the process of creating a new request that is linked to the original, but it isn't a copy and it won't bring across the attachments.  

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Hi @Rupert

Here is a bit more detail on the option for raising a new linked request. 

1. The Raise New Linked Request will auto-populate the summary and description from the source request into Intelligent Capture, which can be changed before the new request is raised.
2. The Source of the new request is automatically set to show it was raised from another request

3. If the new request is an Incident or Service Request, the Intelligent Capture Search Customer form is automatically populated with the customer from the original request, which can be changed before the new request is raised.

I hope that helps.

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