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Adding a space in summary when updating from multiple pro caps

Amanda Durgan

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Below is the working update on an automation retrieving 2 pro cap answers, however as the answers are both numbers I need to add a space (or even better brackets) to the second answer as it displays in the summary:


Any pointers appreciated as always!


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Thanks!  Hope this helps explain what I am trying to do.  My thinking is that I can adjust the instruction to include a space/and or brackets around the second answer as it is appended to the first answer in the summary - sorry am new to this so am learning.

Hornbill Automation node Pro cap update.PNG

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Guest Ehsan

@Amanda Durgan,

Thank you for the screenshot. What happens if you added a space or dash between the two variables? For example:

"&[functions.pcf("archive","archive")] &[functions.pcf("archive2","archive2")]"


"&[functions.pcf("archive","archive")] - &[functions.pcf("archive2","archive2")]"

Is the request's summary not updated with the correct spacing or dash?

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