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Council / Local Authority - sharing your ideas for the future

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Hello,  my name is Gavin James , I'm the ICT Service Desk and Project Manager for South Derbyshire District Council, over the last year I've made steady progress on the development of our Hornbill ICT Service Desk solution.     I'm trying to reach out to individuals in similar roles to talk through the Business Processes and Progressive captures we all have in place and to share some ideas for the future,  particularly if you are within a Council / local authority environment as I'm sure we will have many similarities in our processes /  procedures.  

I've developed the Hornbill solution myself (with the aid of Hornbill expert advice).  My focus has been constantly switching between developing backend processes and the forward facing customer portal.  Which means I haven't had a single focus point, but has enabled me gather experience in the complete Hornbill service manager offering.

I have introduced, Text Messaging, Single sign on, made improvements to the Business Processes e.g. Auto emailing.   Introduced Automated tasks to save my engineers time and improve how the service desk operates.   Reporting has been a focus together with the development of Dashboards, delivering transparency on performance and ensuring the teams can see their work load at a glance.

For the Customer Portal a big focus has been the development of the Progressive captures, this has enabled a better customer experience e.g. the progressive capture now takes customer on a most simplistic journey with automation helping pull the customer requirements together,  and direct the customer better.    One of the big changes to the customer portal was the introduction of only two support options:  "I would like to make a request" and "I would like to report a problem", expanding the service options thereafter.   This has helped us direct customers better, and allow a better customer experience, although wouldn't have been possible without the development of some backend automation.

We are set to Launch our latest version of the Customer Portal at the end of March, which is really just an improvement on the look of the solution rather than backend development.

If you are interested in sharing your ideas for the future / current setup then do please get in touch.


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