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Enhancement Request: Request the fields displayed in the Linked Asset and Asset Search be configurable (i.e. a min-form)


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Hi, We really want our Service Desk Agents to be able to see, at a glance, who the Asset/s they search for within a Request are Used by. We are automating the assignment of Linked Assets to users as part of the New Starter workflow but if the SDesk cannot see who the assets are used by at the point they search, they need to manually right-click, open in new tab, expand General information on every asset to look.

[Note that the Advanced Search by "Used By" has a defect (acknowledged through Premier Support) so there is no other way to currently search for assets in use currently by a user; using the main multi-search box is no good as it finds previously assigned users too (i.e. those in the history)]

It would be really useful if we could specify that Used by appears on this mini-form (like the one we have for Details). I can see other teams wanting to have one or two other fields appear also.


The same goes for the Linked Assets mini-form which does not show the Used By. Other fields Hornbill users may want to see are Status and Operational Status.


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